Book studio time or use ADW Music Service. Info below:

For Studio recording contact:

ADW Music service/ In studio recording rates & info:


$60 3-hrs.

$90 4-hrs.

Full Day (8 hrs)-$400.
$30 a song

$325 lps & eps

$560 10-12 track mixtape

$600-$760 12-20 track mixtape. 

Commercials and music licenses -sounds, synths & drums email for rates.

*MOST IMPORTANT STEP. Please make sure audio file(s) is not clipping, without plugins. If restoration will be used $20 additionally (or) a email will be sent to allow your reprint(s) for resend. .Wav files ONLY).

Your deposit must be $20, NON-Refundable to$ArchaDaWizard

*Name all tracks, double check earlier processes if needed. Always send a reference track.

Send ALL files to: (.Wav files ONLY)

**Deposits are made before ADW service(s) begins, That includes listening to your masterpiece. PayPal for deposits Click Here. 

PayPal email for payment ONLY : add note with artist info and any contact info.

***Paid invoices then receive files (format-mp3,wav&m4a.)via email. If you have any questions contact me, to learn about file formats Click Here

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Gear used for ADW mix n master service: 

Hardware/ Software-

Dangerous Bax eq

Lynx Aurora 8 lt-tb

Lynx Aes16e

Revive Audio Mod ART ProVLA II

2 Focusrite ISA 2 mic pre

Rane 30 band eq

Waves API plugins, L3 Limiters(multi & ultra), Vocal bundle, rs56 eq

Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro Codec 

McDsp 575

Eventide Anthology X native



Pro Tools 12

Ableton Live 9

Melodyne Editor 



KRK rokit5 

Auratone 5c.  



1-Mac Pro 10.10

1-MacBook Pro 10.11



Gear Used in studio:

Mac Mini

Focusrite ISA 2

Rode NT1 Mic

ST55 Sterling Audio