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Compositions from ADW: Ableton Live Production, Beats, Film Scores, Sound Design.

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ADW UMPHorator

Have you ever thought, what would multiple saturators and a brick wall sound like? .. then add a couple of eqs!!

on top of that you can add a m/s eq in the signal!!

Then i grouped them for sound design

And Mapped a few parameters!!

Get a perfect and big sound. Remove a frequency. Limit. Saturate. Compress. Depth of field/ Space.

UMPHorate your audio in real time, a transient multi effect.

Turn off the PoWER sWitCH then add more juice with this powerful mixing tool.

The UMPHorator could be used in sound design to squeeze the juice.

You can fully automate with any midi controller including Push.

Edit Key Functions-

The UMPHorator is mapped to 8 macro controllers: Each encoder is set to control multiple devices.

Lo shelf X-over, Verb, Pellet, Freq, sLoPe, eq POwER, PoWER sWitCHs, MOLd/Master.

Edit Macro Map Mode Switch Functions: To suite your needs you change any parameter. Swap any device in the  signal path, from subtle to aggressive distortion, even tame your signal.

Macro Map Mode Switch: The possibilities are endless. 



*After purchase download within 48 hours or link will not be valid. Not for resale or transfer.

**UMPHorator is a multi tool device, not one way to make it work.

***works with Ableton 9.7.4 and later.

MIDI information- For BEST results use this device with a  rotary knob not for buttons or keys.




 2 Eqs with some sweet spot presets, a reverb and a saturator.